We would like to introduce you to our teams.

The heart and soul of

Our players are the reason we exist. Passing along the love of the game is what keeps our club going every season. Coaching players from the beginning and watching them develop over the course of their volleyball career is a journey we are proud to be a part of.

Through various open gyms, scrimmages, and individual observation, we carefully evaluate each and every player to make sure they are placed on a team that is the perfect fit. We think of not only the needs of the team as a whole, but how each player will fit into the team puzzle. Awesome team chemistry is a must. We provide an environment where each player can grow with and feel supported by her teammates. Trust, communication, and fun are just a few of the ingredients that take a skilled team from good to great. Teamwork can be the difference between a winning season and a losing season.

Presenting the PEAK VBC teams for the 2021-2022 club season!

At PEAK VBC, team bonding is a priority during the entire season. Check out some of our teams having fun on and off the court!